• Steve Derenge

Just Done Got Convicted

Jesus wants to be himself in me. So what if the Jesus in me--who is the same today as he was 2,000 year ago--says, “I really love these people I see through the eyes of my host whom I live inside. (1) So I want to love them, bless them, heal their sicknesses, deliver them from demons, forgive their sins, and reconcile them to God the Father.”?

But then I, the host of the Spirit of Jesus Christ within me, listen to a contrary will/spirit that says, “I don't want to heal the sick, cast out demons, share my faith, and love people now. That's too scary and I want to stay in my comfort zone where it's safe.”?

It shows me that I must choose between the will of God and the will of satan. Satan doesn't want people to be loved, treated nicely, healed, forgiven, delivered from demons, reconciled to God and others, heaven-bound, etc. God does want those things, as Jesus so clearly modeled and commanded for all his followers to go and do likewise. (2) It shows me that my mind needs to be renewed to agree with the mind of Christ. (3) I need to work on my relationship with Him and trust Him more. (4) I need to repent, coming to a place where I love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love my neighbor as myself. (5) A good place to start is to be nice to people from the heart every day just because God loves them. 

What does it mean to have a relationship with God? What is the good news about what God wants to be in our lives? I recommend my article here.

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